There are quite a few things I am looking forward to with becoming a married woman, one of which is getting to take on a new last name!  Next January I will not only become Mrs. Sanders…but my new monogram will read M.R.S.! How perfect is that, y’all?!

Maybe it’s because I’m a girly-girl, or maybe it’s because I currently live in the South…but take any item and smack a monogram on it and this girl is sold!

And now I’ve become extra monogram-crazy since I’ve got such a fun set of letters to look forward to!  One of my dear friends actually gifted me with these beauties as an engagement present right after BRS popped the question!

Monogrammed stud-earrings from Memory Lane in Alamo Heights, TX

About a year ago I came across Marley Lilly, a custom monogramming and personalization online shop, through a giveaway on the Southern Weddings blog.  Their items are too cute to boot!  You get to leave your monogrammed impression on just about anything…from monogrammed jewelry to tote bags, derby hats to bikini tops, Marley Lilly has it all! It’s a prep-ster’s paradise!

How precious! I’ve looked into a lot of their items for potential bridesmaids’ gifts and if you’re in the market for some monogrammed goodness, I suggest you check out the site for yourself!


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