I am slightly obsessed with many different things including faux taxidermy (which is kind of hilarious because my husband is a big hunter) and pretty office spaces.  Like… I drool over them sometimes.  (Shalyn, I will forever covet your space because I do not have the patience that you do, sweet girl.)


Image via Apartment Therapy

I know that BRS and I are going to go through a couple more moves (BRS renovates homes…the plan is for us to move, and move, and move) before I can create my dream space. So right now I’m settling for adding fun little trinkets that inspire me as I work. That’s where this little guy comes in.


My STAG! Ahhh! I have had my eye on this find since a January visit to the West Bottoms.  Every month I’d go back and he’d just keep looking at me and then I would hear him say “Madi, take me home with you.”…So 5 months later I finally gave in and listened to the poor little guy and now he is mine all mine.

stag2setupstagNow what is this thing exactly? An antique inkwell. See that little aged blue jar?  Ink goes in there and those big antlers are perfectly placed to hold my pen while I’m on adventures outside of the office. Necessary for my work? Not really. But totally cute and it makes me happy which makes it so worth it!

What are your favorite ways to accent your office space?


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