As many of y’all know, I work in the oh-so-fabulous wedding industry.  Now, when I refer to it as “fabulous” (which it totally is) I also need you to know that I definitely don’t mean this career path is glamorous 24/7.  I have worked weddings where I’ve sweat through every piece of clothing I have on, I have been up to my elbows in cake, I have blown out votive candles and used so much force that hot wax splashes up covering my face and sealing my eyes shut… And if I’m being completely honest, that wax thing happens like every other wedding.  You’d think I would learn. I’ll take a picture next time and share it for you all to enjoy.

For this five instagram faves post I decided to introduce to you some of my favorite wedding professionals/publications that I follow.  Unlike me, they do a great job of sharing the fabulous side to the industry!  Enjoy!


@toast_events // @angelaproffitt //@mindyweiss // @smpweddings // @josevilla

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