I’m at a really neat/crazy/awesome/weird/exciting point in life.  Some of my friends are working to finish their education…others are rocking it in their dream careers.  Some settling into their beautiful new homes and preparing for little ones, while others are out at the bars until 2 a.m. … then onto a feast of late night pizza with new friends.


And I’m just somewhere in between.  Often times I catch myself thinking “I should be doing THAT by now” or “I wish I was doing THAT” (most often while scrolling through the beloved IG feed). And don’t we all have those moments of quick and blind comparisons with our peers? Our friends scattered across the country (or world) are doing things that look amazing and we feel like we’re missing out. We’re all guilty.  Don’t deny it.

Right hand raised—I confess I’ve been living on auto-pilot lately and totally unaware of the cool stuff that’s right here, happening in MY life. I try and try to savor the season that I am in and y’all, it takes work to feel truly present!  It requires making time to reflect on the goodness surrounding  me in my relationships, my work, my marriage and my faith or else I just gloss over it all and feel bummed out. I’ve found that when I make a conscious effort to focus on those good things that I’ve got going I feel much greater peace with where I am at in this journey and confident in the pace at which I am checking things off of that lengthy list of life goals.

How do you deal with comparison with peers? Are you able to be present in your life and see the cool things taking place right in front of you?  Let’s raise a glass to celebrate where we’re at right now, shall we?



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  1. Emily: May 27, 2014

    So very true Madi. I think having a little girl has really helped me slow down and focus on every moment.

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