Seems like an eternity since I’ve opened up this little window to supply you with a post.  Why has it been so long?  Between booking 2014 wedding clients (LOVE THEM), spending time with my husband (and new pup) and trying to survive the Kansas City winter, this blog has been at the bottom of my list of priorities. Oops!

For the sake of total honesty, things got really out-of-whack for me over the holidays.  I started sleeping in, I stopped working out, my evenings were filled with events and obligations….and THEN I took it upon myself to bring a puppy into the already crazy mix of things. The feeling of overwhelm was starting to creep in and I was crazy enough to think that just with the turn of a new calendar year I would feel refreshed and ready to conquer goals.


As you probably can guess..that is FAR from how I have felt in this year.  January quickly turned into February and February into March, and while I’ve been working on some AWESOME things…I’ve also felt tired and stressed and busy and emotional and lazy and worn thin.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs crossing off tasks and to-dos but I’ve ended each day feeling defeated and unable to keep my head above water. I think the hardest part about all of this for me is that I’ve also felt major guilt because I KNOW BETTER than to let things get out of control like this. Life isn’t supposed to feel so funky and I know the steps to get things back in line, I’m just not doing them. And that’s when it comes down to this oh-so-important p-word… Priorities.

My priorities are not in line. Plain and simple.

I’ve been choosing time on Instagram over my growing pile of laundry.

I’ve been choosing mediocre, snooze-button-sleep over a morning work out.

I’ve been choosing money made on small side projects over time spent resting.

The list goes on and on.  I think what’s interesting is that we’re all doing this. In some way, shape or form we are all choosing the wrong things in our days.  We say our priorities are one thing and then we spend our time doing everything else.  It really hit me when I heard/read somewhere that “how we are spending our days is how we are spending our LIFE.” WHOAH people. The days we go-go-go on dumb tasks or waste 2 hours scrolling through social media feeds is how we’re spending our lives (and I’m totally embarrassed to admit that I’m guilty of that second one).

It may be March (dang) but it’s time to get the priorities straight for this year.  Time to start managing time better to achieve the 2014 goals floating around in my head and feel better about the way I’m spending MY LIFE.  This means 1) Healthy living–exercise, eating, spiritual and mental health. 2) Strong relationships–my marriage, friendships and community 3) Work–Making my work week SUPER productive by cutting out distractions so that on my weekends I can actually rest and relax (and work on those aforementioned relationships).

How are your priorities aligned for the year?  Are you saying one thing and doing another, like I’ve been?  Let’s get things in gear! It’s never too late to make some changes to make better use of our lives.


Image via Katie O’Keefe Instagram

My family has always said the items that filled our stockings were some of the most fun items to dig into on Christmas morning.  My mom usually fills my stocking with some fun accessories and beauty products that I’m always so anxious to test out right away!  In this week’s MRS Gift Guide, we’re talking stocking stuffers that would be perfect for mom, sister, sister-in-law or dear friend!  Let’s dig in!MRSgiftguide_stockingstuffers

1) Sephora Brush Set // I’ve become a little bit of a skincare/makeup junky lately as I’ve been so curious to test out new products and find the perfect “face recipe” now that my skin has taken on it’s winter white.  Just as important as the products you apply are the tools you use to apply the products! From eyes, to cheeks, to lips…this brush set will have you covered!

2) Kate Spade Monogram Card Set // Personalized gifts always score points!

3) Dior Airflash Foundation // I’ve heard several friends rave about this foundation and I’m anxious to try it myself!

4) Bed Head TIGI Hairspray // I SWEAR by this hairspray…the only aerosol can I’ve allowed in my bathroom for the past 5 years.  Great scent, great flexible hold.  I like to stock up on these items during the annual hairspray sale at Beauty Brands and gift them to my favorite ladies come Christmas!

5) Kate Spade Bow Push Pins // Stocking stuffers are great for those items that some find unnecessary but still totally adore!  While KS push pins aren’t a NEED, they are a perfect small item to up the cute factor in a holiday stocking.

6) OPI Nail Polish // One red, one green!

7) Skinny Metallic Faux-Leather Belt // With 50% OFF sales over Black Friday, you’d be crazy not to pick up this item for your girls!

8) Petite Prong Studs // Pretty pink studs will be a welcomed treat!

9) She Is Pencils // I fell in LOVE with these sassy writing utensils when I first saw them grace my Instagram feed!  Who says your pencils have to be boring?

10) Voluspa Candle // Need I say anything about this?  I think I’ve made it clear over and over again that I have strong affections for Voluspa candles.

Have any other great suggestions to fill the stockings of the ladies in your life?  Comment below, I’d love to know! Happy Shopping!


Some of you might remember a blog post I wrote while back on the entryway and how it needed a big facelift. I’ve almost completed this little area by adding a painting and a chalkboard (I’ll show you that soon!). Today I want to share with you another project that added some color and life to this bland space….a bench built by BRS!

If I haven’t mentioned already, my husband is all sorts of crazy with his creative talent and craftsmanship.  I shared with him the other day that sometimes when he explains an idea to me I think to myself “That is going to be a big flop.” or “This is going to turn out ugly.” …because I’m a really nice and encouraging wife like that. 😉  And without fail, EVERY SINGLE TIME he is able to blow me away with his finished product and they turn out better than I could have planned myself.

To start on this project, I shared some inspiration images with BRS like this and this.  He took some drawings out to the shop and worked his magic!  I went to our local craft store and picked out some fabric and foam to top the bench.
IMG_4378IMG_4379The thing I love about how it was built?  I have the ability to completely change the look of it by switching out the fabric.  This gives the piece a lot of longevity as we think about moving homes or moving the bench to different rooms.  I decided to start of with a bright, bold print as this space was all neutrals and needed a little pep in it’s color palette.

IMG_4595 IMG_4597 IMG_4598

We added these baskets for shoes, gloves, hats etc. If I could have shown you the before picture of this space, you would have seen an absolute mess of shoes and junk!  Now we’ve got organization!benchIMG_4593

I’m so thankful to have BRS’ creative talents right under my roof. He has done several awesome projects around our home and in the homes of our friends and family.  Have something in mind and live in our area?  You can check out more of his work here or shoot me a message through my contact form and I can put you in touch! (Shameless plug from a proud wife.  Can’t help it!)