oh so personal

I’m at a really neat/crazy/awesome/weird/exciting point in life.  Some of my friends are working to finish their education…others are rocking it in their dream careers.  Some settling into their beautiful new homes and preparing for little ones, while others are out at the bars until 2 a.m. … then onto a feast of late night pizza with new friends.


And I’m just somewhere in between.  Often times I catch myself thinking “I should be doing THAT by now” or “I wish I was doing THAT” (most often while scrolling through the beloved IG feed). And don’t we all have those moments of quick and blind comparisons with our peers? Our friends scattered across the country (or world) are doing things that look amazing and we feel like we’re missing out. We’re all guilty.  Don’t deny it.

Right hand raised—I confess I’ve been living on auto-pilot lately and totally unaware of the cool stuff that’s right here, happening in MY life. I try and try to savor the season that I am in and y’all, it takes work to feel truly present!  It requires making time to reflect on the goodness surrounding  me in my relationships, my work, my marriage and my faith or else I just gloss over it all and feel bummed out. I’ve found that when I make a conscious effort to focus on those good things that I’ve got going I feel much greater peace with where I am at in this journey and confident in the pace at which I am checking things off of that lengthy list of life goals.

How do you deal with comparison with peers? Are you able to be present in your life and see the cool things taking place right in front of you?  Let’s raise a glass to celebrate where we’re at right now, shall we?



BRS and I are looking to put our house on the market sometime this summer/fall.  It’s kind of bittersweet. This was our first home and it’s sad to think of leaving this little space where we’ve shared our beginnings as husband and wife. On the flip side, I feel pretty ready to get ourselves in a new place that I can do some major redecorating.  There are so many things I would love to invest in and do in our current home, but I find zero motivation to put a lot of money toward interior decorating projects when we’ll likely be leaving soon.

With the weather warming up I’ve had the itch to do some major cleaning out and simplifying to make sure that whatever we take to another space is stuff I really love.  I’ve spent the past few weekends doing major de-cluttering and trashing things I don’t need or use.  It’s awesome to now to have such fresh, clear spaces…it almost feels new!

IMG_0122 copyMy office space had become a huge catch-all and I had lost my desire to work in there.  In order to make my space more inviting again I had to get rid of a lot of junk and face my craft-hoarding issues.  BRS had been on me about it for months but I finally got my booty in gear!

IMG_0147IMG_0149IMG_0140Remember this little guy? Still makes me smile! IMG_0142IMG_0119

Clean space perfect for blogging, calligraphy and emails to clients….ahhhh.

I’m really digging the minimalist aesthetic and really want to create this in more areas of my home. The beauty of it?  It requires ridding of stuff instead of buying new; now that sounds like the perfect cure to my low-motivation/high-desire to decorate enigma, don’t you think?


Spring breaks are most certainly appreciated greater as an adult. It’s a fact.


This past week we traveled down to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, did absolutely NOTHING and it was AMAZING.  Well, maybe not “nothing” but we laid around a lot, ate well, played tennis, walked on the beach and played a lot of cards. Oh! And funny thing, my laptop charger sparked and fried and I had a dead laptop for the entire week.  At first I was ticked and then I was like “HELLO FREEDOM”!  It does feel pretty nice to have no excuse but to unplug and focus on being in the moment.

Ft Myers Beach

I posted on Twitter about this the other day, but think it warrants some greater attention here as well : Whether you are single, married, have 5 children…You need to budget for vacations and traveling.  BRS and I have had many a conversation about how we wish we had more time and money to travel.  Something I am starting to realize though is that it’s not that we don’t have the time or money, it’s that we don’t always plan or save appropriately for it.  When you set vacation funding as a goal you are treating yourself with something that will last much longer than a Starbucks latte or new blouse.  Travel is so good for the soul.  It gets you away from the mundane and challenges you to try new experiences OR it can present itself as an opportunity for much needed rest and relaxation.



Do you enjoy travel or even just time relaxing at home?  Do you wish you had more time, money, motivation to do so or have you been good about incorporating it into your lifestyle? I’m curious!

Also, for those of you who were previous visitors at madireid.com…I’m glad that you found me here!  The site will now redirect to this new domain.  I owe a big thank you to many of you for your kind words and encouraging emails related to this rebrand.  You have been such a light!