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It is with great joy that I announce the launch of my new business, Madison Sanders Events! I am so excited to continue to serve brides of Kansas City in this capacity.  As this business grows, my activity on Oh So MRS will continue to serve as a small creative outlet for topics including lifestyle and personal growth. Please be sure to check out Madison Sanders Events on the web and on social media channels as well.  Links are provided for you below!

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BRS and I are looking to put our house on the market sometime this summer/fall.  It’s kind of bittersweet. This was our first home and it’s sad to think of leaving this little space where we’ve shared our beginnings as husband and wife. On the flip side, I feel pretty ready to get ourselves in a new place that I can do some major redecorating.  There are so many things I would love to invest in and do in our current home, but I find zero motivation to put a lot of money toward interior decorating projects when we’ll likely be leaving soon.

With the weather warming up I’ve had the itch to do some major cleaning out and simplifying to make sure that whatever we take to another space is stuff I really love.  I’ve spent the past few weekends doing major de-cluttering and trashing things I don’t need or use.  It’s awesome to now to have such fresh, clear spaces…it almost feels new!

IMG_0122 copyMy office space had become a huge catch-all and I had lost my desire to work in there.  In order to make my space more inviting again I had to get rid of a lot of junk and face my craft-hoarding issues.  BRS had been on me about it for months but I finally got my booty in gear!

IMG_0147IMG_0149IMG_0140Remember this little guy? Still makes me smile! IMG_0142IMG_0119

Clean space perfect for blogging, calligraphy and emails to clients….ahhhh.

I’m really digging the minimalist aesthetic and really want to create this in more areas of my home. The beauty of it?  It requires ridding of stuff instead of buying new; now that sounds like the perfect cure to my low-motivation/high-desire to decorate enigma, don’t you think?


This weekend I’ll be attending Go Blog Social taking place at The Berg Event Space in downtown KC (one of my favorite venues for weddings!). Last year it was an incredible opportunity for me to connect with other local bloggers and small business owners.  My eyes were opened to new opportunities to help in the growth of my employers’ businesses as well as my own personal endeavors.  I left feeling inspired and ready to make big changes in my social media presence and participation in the blogging community…hence the Oh So MRS rebrand!

This two-day conference is a whirlwind of information and you’ve got to be ready with all the right tools to soak up every moment! Wonder what you should bring along?  Below are the items that will fill my bag this weekend.


My 1)SugarPaper planner from Target. I’ll be ready to schedule some coffee dates with new friends made at the conference!

The 2)DSLR will be in tow to take advantage of the photography tips and tricks offered in the presentation by dear friend and GBS speaker, Amanda Marie Lackey.

A long day of learning warrants a little snack time, so I’ll be sure to pack a 3)Clif Bar…just in case!

New 4)business cards with the fresh branding have been designed and printed and we’re ready to get our networking on.

I’m the world’s biggest fan of list-making and note-taking (and sometimes doodling!) and it’s more fun when you have pretty 5)Rifle Paper journals and 6)Le Pens to record your thoughts and ideas during the conference presentations.

I can’t leave home without a chap stick and a little color for my lips.  I’ve sworn by 7)Burt’s Bees for years and have just discovered MAC’s Lip Glass…a sweet gift from the ladies of BeChic.  This is a blog conference bag (and everyday bag) must!

Be ready for quick social media posting to connect with the great sponsors, brands and speakers that are present at the conference with your 8)smart phone.

I like to keep a 9)water bottle on hand at all times and this will be no exception! I’ve got to keep hydrated to enjoy the day to the fullest!

Will you be attending Go Blog Social 2014?  What are you packing in your bag?  Share below!