My family has always said the items that filled our stockings were some of the most fun items to dig into on Christmas morning.  My mom usually fills my stocking with some fun accessories and beauty products that I’m always so anxious to test out right away!  In this week’s MRS Gift Guide, we’re talking stocking stuffers that would be perfect for mom, sister, sister-in-law or dear friend!  Let’s dig in!MRSgiftguide_stockingstuffers

1) Sephora Brush Set // I’ve become a little bit of a skincare/makeup junky lately as I’ve been so curious to test out new products and find the perfect “face recipe” now that my skin has taken on it’s winter white.  Just as important as the products you apply are the tools you use to apply the products! From eyes, to cheeks, to lips…this brush set will have you covered!

2) Kate Spade Monogram Card Set // Personalized gifts always score points!

3) Dior Airflash Foundation // I’ve heard several friends rave about this foundation and I’m anxious to try it myself!

4) Bed Head TIGI Hairspray // I SWEAR by this hairspray…the only aerosol can I’ve allowed in my bathroom for the past 5 years.  Great scent, great flexible hold.  I like to stock up on these items during the annual hairspray sale at Beauty Brands and gift them to my favorite ladies come Christmas!

5) Kate Spade Bow Push Pins // Stocking stuffers are great for those items that some find unnecessary but still totally adore!  While KS push pins aren’t a NEED, they are a perfect small item to up the cute factor in a holiday stocking.

6) OPI Nail Polish // One red, one green!

7) Skinny Metallic Faux-Leather Belt // With 50% OFF sales over Black Friday, you’d be crazy not to pick up this item for your girls!

8) Petite Prong Studs // Pretty pink studs will be a welcomed treat!

9) She Is Pencils // I fell in LOVE with these sassy writing utensils when I first saw them grace my Instagram feed!  Who says your pencils have to be boring?

10) Voluspa Candle // Need I say anything about this?  I think I’ve made it clear over and over again that I have strong affections for Voluspa candles.

Have any other great suggestions to fill the stockings of the ladies in your life?  Comment below, I’d love to know! Happy Shopping!



This Week I:

Cheered on the Chiefs (despite the loss) with friends and family!

-Started to get in the holiday spirit by lighting new candles and day dreaming fun holiday DIYs to ring in the season!

-Helped sweet friend Cassandra as an extra set of hands on a very heart warming styled shoot at Van Noy Mansion.

-Took back my morning routine…reminded myself that often you have to say NO to say YES to the things that matter.

-Hammered out some details and timelines for a client’s upcoming wedding reception.

-Hung out with some great KC Blogger ladies at Foo’s where we learned great photography tips and tricks from Jenny Wheat.

This weekend we look forward to celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday! We will also have the opportunity to do a little shopping for our family’s adopted family for the holiday.  What plans are on tap for your weekend?  Will you start to prep for that holiday meal? If so, share your tips and tricks with me below!


As many of y’all know, I work in the oh-so-fabulous wedding industry.  Now, when I refer to it as “fabulous” (which it totally is) I also need you to know that I definitely don’t mean this career path is glamorous 24/7.  I have worked weddings where I’ve sweat through every piece of clothing I have on, I have been up to my elbows in cake, I have blown out votive candles and used so much force that hot wax splashes up covering my face and sealing my eyes shut… And if I’m being completely honest, that wax thing happens like every other wedding.  You’d think I would learn. I’ll take a picture next time and share it for you all to enjoy.

For this five instagram faves post I decided to introduce to you some of my favorite wedding professionals/publications that I follow.  Unlike me, they do a great job of sharing the fabulous side to the industry!  Enjoy!


@toast_events // @angelaproffitt //@mindyweiss // @smpweddings // @josevilla

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