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Ever wondered what it looks like when 6 bloggers go out to dinner? Ha! Saturday night kicked off with sharing a delicious meal with friends Rachael, Sarah, Sam, Danielle and Lacey.  We enjoyed Pizza Bella‘s DELICIOUS brussels sprouts (unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before) as well as three of their mouth-watering wood-fire pizzas.  Definitely recommend visiting them over in the KC Crossroads!

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 8.59.37 AM


After stuffing ourselves with pizza and sprouts, we headed over to Union Station for our second evening of local designers on display. Really people, how beautiful is this KC landmark?  Love soaking in these bits of my city!

IMG_8101IMG_8104 The show kicked off with awesome music mixed by Preston Jeffrey Parsons and the beautiful ethereal designs of Lauren Bander. I loved this entire line…so gorgeous, soft, romantic and feminine.
IMG_8113 IMG_8114 IMG_8116IMG_8119 back_front_LBIMG_8124 IMG_8136 IMG_8138Architexture was on trend with black + white + cobalt combinations.  Also neat that this line was created by a husband and wife team!  (You know I love the husband + wife business team!)IMG_8159 IMG_8167 IMG_8179 IMG_8181

This next line by Hilary Brown was so much fun!  They models were full of spunk which made it that much more entertaining to watch.  And the designs were so awesome!  AKA…she had great sweeping trains and ended with a dress that lit up.

IMG_8317IMG_8282 IMG_8314 sweeping_train_hilarybrownIMG_8285 IMG_8348

Rare Trends out of Austin, Texas could definitely stand as one of my top picks from the night.  I pulled out my phone several times to see if I could shop online for some of my favorite pieces. They had wearable styles that covered my current leather obsession…and they were from Texas. Enough said.

IMG_8199 IMG_8201 IMG_8205rare_trends_comboIMG_8252 IMG_8248 IMG_8236 IMG_8222 IMG_8220

And now… the finale designer.  Prepare to have your jaw drop, folks. Not just at the beauty of these gowns…but at the fact that the precious designer, Kate Walz, is SIXTEEN. 1-6.  Can you believe it? IMG_8378kate_walz_pinkIMG_8377 IMG_8373 IMG_8371IMG_8372 IMG_8364 IMG_8358IMG_8362And look how beautiful Kate is!  I was in awe!

Want to hear something even cooler?  I stumbled upon her and her sweet mother the next day at Starbucks! Yes, I gushed about how fabulous her line was…and yes I asked for a photo with her.  I have no shame.


All in all it was an incredible weekend of great local fashion and I had a fabulous time catching up with friends, new and old! Don’t miss out on more Fashion Week follow-ups from other KC bloggers over at the Kansas City Fashion Week Facebook page!