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*Felicitation :
fe·lic·i·ta·tion. [fi-lis-i-tey-shuhn]
Noun(plural felicitations)
  1. The act of felicitating; a wishing of joy or happiness; congratulation.
Usage notes
  • A man is often wished congratulations on the event of his engagement or marriage. However, it was considered rude to “congratulate” a lady (for “catching” a husband?), so she was wished “felicitations” instead.

Call me a word-nerd but how fun is it that I got to put this to use just last week?!  My dear friend, (and my wedding photographer too!) Amanda, got engaged last week and I could not be happier for her in this sweet time!

It was such a joy to share in her excitement and celebrate with her gent and her pretty new gem! Just look at that sparkler!

Congrats Tyler and Amanda!


*Definition for Felicitation gathered from http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/felicitation.

Hey y’all!

This past weekend sweet BRS came to Fort Worth for my formal and we were also able to celebrate 6 months of engagement! It’s been a crazy ride so far but so much fun.

And I still just adore this sparkler which adorns my left hand! (Maybe a post about my bling is in our future?)

Right now we’re looking at another 8 ½ months until W-Day. I just know that it is going to fly by! BRS has said that the planning has to be put on hold for these next two weeks as I finish up finals but my gears are always turning and I can’t quit my bridal-blog-reading addiction! I’m feeling pretty content with our planning progress up to this point so a little break from the big decisions has been nice.

Here are just some of the bigger tasks we’ve checked off our list so far:

  • Found my bridal gown (Remember I’m a traditional gal so I’m keeping it a secret until our big day! But here are some pretty gowns I’ve tried on!)

  • Asked members of our bridal party (cutesy DIY ideas here and here!)

  • Won FREE invitations from Paperfinger
  • Picked out, ordered and received bridesmaids’ dresses (post to come!)
  • Booked DJ (post to come!)
  • Attended 2 of the 8 weddings on our calendar (Wedding #2 coming soon)

I will be traveling home to Kansas City this next month and in that time BRS and I are prepared to tackle some more wedding tasks we have on our list:

Here are a few on our list:

  • Schedule and have our first pre-marital counseling session
  • Begin the search for Groom’s/Groomsmen attire…a post on this great debate is to come! :)
  • Finalize our guest list
  • Begin registries
  • Start our search for Save the Dates

Friends and family, do y’all have any suggestions on must-have registry items for BRS and I?  Which stores have the best registry systems? I’m thinking a post on our registry adventures is in store here in the next month or so…I can just imagine how much fun BRS will have with that scanner in his hand!

Leave a comment and let me know!