A graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, Madi Reid Sanders aka MRS studied Strategic Communications (a fancy name for Ad/PR + Social Media) and Business.  Following graduation, she moved back to her hometown in Kansas City and began working in corporate event planning while planning weddings on the side.  With her heart for making things happen and a driven spirit, MRS was soon able to move to serving her incredible clients in wedding planning full time.
MRS is passionate about strong marriages, the legacy of family and good ‘ol southern hospitality.  She believes handwritten notes and some fun gift wrap can go a long way to make a friend feel special and fresh flowers will suit any occasion.  MRS has a weak spot for great home decor finds and the word “sale” gets her almost every time.  Most days you’ll find her wearing a combination of her signature black + white attire, but she holds firm to her belief that “Women who wear black lead colorful lives”. (As quoted by Neiman Marcus.)
She is strong in her faith and has stories to prove it.  God has done some incredible things to teach MRS about finding beauty in the ashes and she’s quick to share the struggles and growth she is blessed with each day. A huge turning point in her walk with Christ was the passing of her father in May 2012 after a 2.5 year battle with cancer. While there isn’t a day that goes by when MRS doesn’t miss her dad, God has been sovereign and faithful through each and every piece of this story.
The twenty-something creative resides in the suburbs of Kansas City with her husband, commonly referred to around the blog as BRS (yes, those are really his initials!), and their newest family member, a black lab puppy named Avery May.




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 MRS is the Fashion/Style Contributor for Middle of the Map Weddings.


 MRS first got her start in blogging when she documented her wedding planning process in From Madi to M.R.S. featured as a part of Southern Weddings’ Southern Bride Bloggers as well as her “Mondays with Madi” segment with Society Bride.